Eric Allen has asked us to tell you what it is like to work with him as a coach. Easy answer: “He is the Best”! We consider ourselves lucky to have found him!

Our background: We moved to Sun City Center, January of 2018. Tom (83) has had Parkinson’s for 8 years and been working with a yoga, physical therapy, Parkinsonian trainer for a couple of years, once a week, having also done the “BIG” program offered by our hospital in Norwalk Connecticut. Tom was and is walking, using a walker.

I (78) have studied dance,  Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons for many years, and have had amazing physical therapists, because I have dealt with a broken sacrum, a triple fractured right ankle, have had liquid in my lungs, (August 2019)  and a small stroke 10 years ago.

Eric Allen (EA Fitness) is so much more than an exercise guru. We have been fortunate to work with him both in his Parkinson’s Rock Steady Boxing class and privately with both of us, for about 18 months.  He is what I need for us now and going forward!

Eric combines breathing, cardio-vascular, range of movement, and balance training with stretching. All the exercises are challenging, yet we always feel safe with Eric present. There is a warmup and a cool down and all exercises are geared to help us do normal everyday movements, like picking up something from the floor to literally teaching us to get down to the floor and get back up to a stand.

And during these private one-hour lessons, he is delightful to work with. Quite the innovator, he invents all kinds of games, both mental and physical, (with and without his voluminous equipment) to help us get and stay stronger. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, kind, energized and often just plain fun and silly. Then, once a month or so, he has us up, separately, on my massage table to stretch our muscles.

My husband Tom has been hospitalized twice during the eighteen previously mentioned months. One of these was surgery on his right leg for 3 occluded arteries. He was given 2 stents and, because he had been studying with Eric prior, was up and walking almost immediately following these hospitalizations. And he can get in and out of bed without help!

Main selling points: Very few people like exercising but I believe working out 3 times a week has saved, strengthened and improved our range of movement, our self-confidence and our lives. Eric is so easy and fun to work with. As we get stronger, he challenges us more, yet always knows when we need a “breather”.

Tom and I enthusiastically recommend ERIC ALLEN (EA FITNESS) to anyone wanting to stretch their muscles, meet their physical challenges and feel better in the process. Please feel free to call us for additional information.



Thomas Kirmayer and Karen Greene

203 846 3003 / solatido5678@gmail.com












Why did you consider functional training with Eric of EA FITNESS?
       o I needed a focus effort on Parkinson related exercise.
       o I needed someone to deliver instruction in my home.

What were your goals when you started functional training?
      o Get back into the pool for my daily swim
      o Stand up to cook and clean in the kitchen
      o Go up my stairs
      o Visit the gym a few days per week
      o Walk
      o Get down to the floor and back up again

What did you think about the sessions that were conducted with you?
     o I was taught how to use all of the exercise equipment in my home and gym
     o Eric always gives us a less painful way of doing the same exercise

Did you feel challenged in the sessions?
     o So much so, that it took me a few hours to recuperate

What did you think of the homework exercises?
     o These exercises allowed me to exercise at home using the tools that I have
     o Three sets of exercise and one for the pool

Did you meet your goals?
     o I am back in the pool doing a half mile each time
     o I learned how to use the exercise equipment in my gym
     o I can climb the stairs with little effort
     o I can get up and down to the floor
     o I can walk

Would you recommend Eric and EA FITNESS and why?
    o yes
    o Eric works hard each day to prepare for our sessions
    o One feels that he is working with you one on one in class

Anything else you would like to add?
    o Eric is prompt and on time for many months
    o Eric is pleasant and professional at all times
    o Eric accepted my limitations and helped me to do more and more
    o Someone should research the way that Medicare could pay for these sessions  

Enrico Palumbo


Eric Allen was recommended to me by an outpatient physical therapy center as a professional who made therapy/training "house calls." I've struggled with arthritis, leg misalignment, back issues and a hip replacement. Eric arrived at my apartment ready to do an evaluation session and we then scheduled 3 weeks of therapy type training type sessions. He arrived each at each session with a great smile, a case of equipment, fantastic knowledge of how muscles work, and most importantly a creative approach to exercises that kept me invested in improvement. He identified my weaknesses and at the end of our time, I felt overall more safe and strong to keep advancing. I cannot recommend Eric enough!

Keep up the great work,

- Diane B 
Age 67



I met Coach Eric Allen when I signed up for Rock Steady Boxing in Sun City Center a Year ago. He is extremely knowledgeable about Parkinson's Disease, and he knows how to get you to do your very best with exercises. Coach Eric also makes it fun.

He and I agreed to some one-on-one sessions because I felt like I needed more work to get stronger. These sessions were brilliant. He was on time, prepared and worked with me at my pace. I did indeed get stronger and even began to run again.

Coach Eric is very professional, and with his sense of humor, can make you laugh while marching in place.

Good luck growing your business, Eric!

- Amy Slaney


I was out of shape and the BIG gym is not for me. My needs were not being met in the gym, which made my interest much greater in EA FITNESS. I met Mr. Allen many months ago at a business meeting where we were members of the same organization. After learning of his specialty, working with seniors, I scheduled a consultation and I have been a trainee for approximately one (1) year.

Mr. Allen's knowledge of the body's muscular and bone structure has aided me greatly with my struggles with rheumatoid arthritis and plantar fasciitis. Always interested in your condition or feelings, you're asked, at the beginning of each session, how you're feeling and if there's anything you're having a problem with. Afterward your workout begins.

There has never been a session where he allowed me to do nothing, unless I just insisted; then the session became strictly educational on the situation. Otherwise, if your knees are hurting, he works with the upper body and if the upper body is in pain, he works with the lower body. So, you say you hurt all over, Mr. Allen tapers the training so you may gain greater mobility, which is one of his greatest strengths.

Other strengths include: knowledge to develop a program for you according to the goals you've set at the beginning of the training, pleasant encouragement through conversation while training, a mild mannered persistence to keep you working through your weaknesses, knowledge of knowing when there is a greater problem and will ask you to see a physician. So far, he has always diagnosed the problem and the doctor was just confirmation.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who has a medical related mobility problem, regardless of age, for those who dislike the crowding in a large gym, and for those, like me, that enjoy a good workout in your own space at home.

Many thanks to Mr. Allen for assisting me with my skeletal and muscular conditions and providing an enjoyable workout. I've experienced only minor problems since my training


Cathalene (Cathy) S. Kinsler, 
A Happy Trainee

I learned about EA fitness through a home health aide hired to take care of my Dad after he moved to my house. Eric came to my house and did a thorough evaluation of Dad's physical condition. He had COPD and diabetes complicated by a recent adverse reaction to a prescribed drug which had resulted in heart arrhythmia and hospitalization. Eric monitored his pulse rate carefully and determined a physical therapy regimen. Dad was never one to push himself much when it came to exercise, but Eric has a special way of motivating people to do things they don't think they can do. They don't even realize they are doing it because he talks with them and makes them feel at ease as they are exercising. Dad was fearful of falling, but he had faith in Eric's ability to help him get stronger and displayed a cooperative spirit that was amazing to us spectators. Unfortunately prior to learning about EA Fitness, Dad had spent 20 days in a rehab center where he was to receive physical therapy to allow him to return to the independence he had prior to his hospital visit. Instead they nearly killed him with their lack of nutritional knowledge for diabetics. He was never able to overcome this health setback, his COPD worsened and he passed away on the day he was to have his 11th session with Eric. Dad enjoyed his workout sessions with Eric and it gave him hope that he would recover. If we had known about EA Fitness earlier, Dad could have done his physical therapy at home and might still be with us today. Eric was also helpful to us caregivers with his uplifting stories and positive attitude. I will always be grateful to Eric for the hope he provided to us all.

In memory of my Dad, Calvin Moody

Debbie Doane

We asked Eric to do a presentation for our seniors during their in-service training. Eric was engaging and could really relate to our senior population. They loved the presentation and kept asking questions on how to better their health. He was down to earth in his presentation and offered so many tips for all of us. Thank you Eric.

Cathie Schroder


Thank you for speaking at our Event at the Meadows at Countrywood in Plant City. Your presentation on Fall Prevention was very well received by the “Senior” community. The information in your speech was exactly what they wanted to hear. After the event, I had time to talk with many of the attendees. Some loved the upbeat way you presented what would normally be “dry facts”, and others like the interactive way you got the Seniors to get up and try the exercises. In every way they gave you 5 stars. Great job!!

Thank you again for taking the time to speak at the event.

Robert Morgan 
Always Best Care Senior Services

Eric Allen, Thank you for your participation at the Sun Towers Parkinson's Group. I received nothing but positive feedback from your Punching Out Parkinson's presentation. The information you provided to the group is interesting and informative. Your interactive approach successfully invigorated the group. The Sun Towers Parkinson's Group is excited and looking forward to participating in the Punching Out Parkinson's Program. 

- Jennipher Lenoir

Eric Allen is a very motivational speaker. As a financial planner, I understand the power of compounding and the effects it has on my long-term goals. I was impressed when Eric was able to make the connection between compound interest on money and fitness. It made me think about how my short-term decisions can affect my long-term health goals. If you have not had the opportunity to hear Eric in person, I suggest you do so immediately! 

- Randall G. Boston

"As a prior Boot Camp training client of Eric Allen with E.A. Fitness, I have found him to be an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous knowledge, versatility and discipline. Eric is absolutely the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, trying to improve your health or just improve your strength, Eric has the background and the commitment to help you succeed. Shortly after I began training with Eric, I rapidly improved my training routine. I have never gotten results like these from any other trainer. I believe this is because Eric not only understands the science of personal training, he also understands the science of motivation. No matter what your fitness goals, I am certain that Eric Allen will be more than able to help you get there. Eric has helped to strengthen me physically, mentally, and emotionally and is definitely one of a kind. I would recommend Eric is simply the best with a super positive personality and a very, very caring, kind, compassionate heart." 

- Rosa

"As a Parkinson’s patient I have had numerous experiences with physical therapy. Eric’s individual, at-home approach makes his program superior to others!

Recently, I had the misfortune to take a few falls resulting in a broken toe and sprained wrist. My first thought was to postpone my training with Eric. I am so glad I did not. I know that with his guidance I am healing at a faster rate. His prescriptive exercises are helping me build strength and balance that will help to avoid falls in the future.

Even at my best, there are days when I am not up to driving and the ease of at home functional training is critical. Another huge benefit to home functional training is the opportunity to evaluate the challenges one may face in their home environment.

Eric’s greatest asset is his willingness to listen to his client and support them by developing a custom fit program to meet the individual’s needs and goals.

Eric with EA FITNESS has been a sure blessing in my life." 

- Cheryl


"EA Fitness has been working with my Dad, who has dementia and is almost completely blind. I have found them to be caring and challenging with him. Both his strength and balance have greatly improved due to his twice weekly workouts. Eric has been very flexible and works around my Dad's scheduled medical appointments. Communication with EA Sports has been timely and includes updates on my Dad's progress. I would strongly recommend this company." 

- Nancy Perkins, Tampa 

"After surgery, I had a difficult recovery, and as a result I did nothing to keep my body in shape. I realized I lost physical conditioning and lost my balance more easily. Eric developed a daily exercise program and came to my house twice a week and helped me to regain my balance and physical conditioning. He also set up an exercise program at the local gym for me to follow." 

- Kay

"I found out about EA Fitness by attending a SALT (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) meeting. My mother is 75 years old, and had broken her left hip, and has recently had neurological surgery. With all of her "down time," she lost a lot of strength and muscle. I knew that 20 or 30 minutes of physical and occupational therapy 2 or 3 days a week would not be enough for her to regain her strength. I contacted Eric, in the hopes that he could work with my mother, and help her to get back some of her strength and balance. After several months, mom has maintained (and improved) her upper body strength, and she is currently working on her balance, and lower extremity strength and flexibility. She truly looks forward to her sessions, and has repeatedly made comments about how Eric's demeanor helps her stay motivated. She said, "He is always encouraging, and never makes me feel bad about my situation. He is gentle, not pushy, but helps me do what I need to do." I believe that without Eric's help, she would not have the level of independence she has today." 

- Jen

"He is such a nice young man that you want to work with him even when you hate to exercise." ( quote from an 81 y/o woman client) 

My deceased husband had a stroke and when Medicare would no longer cover therapy, I heard about Eric Allen. He came to my home and to the nursing home and helped my husband with therapy. This helped my husband to move and continue exercising. 

Bonnie Bradham


The time and money I spent with Eric as my personal trainer were two of the best investments I've ever made in myself. Initially, I did not want to invest the time nor work required for a personal training because my work travel schedule was hectic. After a few months of working with Eric and the weigh loss plan designed just for me, my training sessions became the highlight of my day. It was refreshing to have a trainer who was caring, patient, considerate, punctual and very knowledgeable partnering with me to meet my personal weigh goals. With Eric's assistance my lean body weight went from 91.67  to 116.58 and my body fat percentage dropped from 42.71% to 27.14% in about 9 months. I highly recommend Eric as your trainer. If I ever move back to Tampa, I will train with him!

Eric Allen of EA FITNESS worked with my husband after his stroke in February, 2008.  My husband responds better to Eric than to other therapists.  Eric has a demeanor of patience that draws a response from my husband.  He always praises for each accomplishment, no matter how little, that gives encouragement to him.

Bonnie Bradham

It is a pleasure to recommend Eric Allen as a personal trainer-therapist. My husband had a stroke that left him completely helpless. He did not respond readily to the therapy given to him at the nursing home so his therapy under Medicare was discontinued by the facility. When I was told by the attending Physician’s Assistant that Eric Allen might take him on for personal training sessions, I called to get him started with EA FITNESS. I could see his responsiveness was growing with each session during the following weeks. Eric encouraged him with firmness and compassion. Eric also helped his caretaker and me know what we might do to help him on days when Eric was not scheduled to come. 

Over the weeks Paige progressed to the point where he could stand and take a step or two, and I was confident he would soon be able to transfer from the wheelchair to the bed, to a recliner, etc. A few days later he had a second and third stroke which ended his motivation for further help. I wish you much success in your reaching out to help others, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you gave him. 

Sybil Tate 

I began my workout with Eric in the Spring of 2004. I knew very little about exercising (except for what I did in High School). Eric was very encouraging. When I thought I couldn't he MADE me DO it!!! Because of this I have continued to exercise. 

I had left knee arthroscopic surgery. Eric knew the best exercises for my knee. I never had any knee pain with the exercises he selected for me. 

Now the truth - Eric DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO COUNT - He will have you to do 15-20 reps and by the time you are finished you will have done 25-30. It was well worth it. I continue now to exercise. When I exercise on the weight machines or do crunches - I can hear Eric's voice say "slow down, where are you going?" Yes, I have put on some weight however, I am working to get it off again. I e-mail my PT-Eric from time to time and he e-mails me back "MOTIVATION and ENCOURAGEMENT." That keeps me going. 

I have had several personal trainers since Eric. However he is the BEST!!! 

Thanks Eric for all you do for me and others. 

Hyarline Shuford