Rock Steady Boxing

The Rock Steady Method

EA FITNESS proudly conducts Rock Steady Boxing.

The Rock Steady methodology is designed to counter punch the effects of Parkinson's. The scientific research is coming in but the firsthand accounts are plentiful! The majority of participants experience improvements in some if not most of the following symptoms:

  • Tremor - shaking of the hands,
  • jaws, and face Bradykinesia - is
  • slow movement Loss of automatic
  • movement - such as blinking, 
  • swinging of the arms or smiling
  • Impaired posture and balance
  • Rigid muscles or stiffness which
  • limits motions and causes pain.
  • Speech changes - slurred, soft, and
  • quick or one hesitates before
  • talking Handwriting - appears to be small or one finds it hard to write.

First off we are going to have FUN! The program will be challenging and inclusive of a variety of techniques all set to the background of moving music. No two classes will be the same your lead instructor is there to provide guidance and assistance in every way possible to ensure your success.

When you are in the boxing program you will improve your agility, balance, overall body strength, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination which have been affected by the disease. It also helps one improve their speech, build muscle strength and it offers the best outlet for frustrations towards the symptoms.

As one throws the punches, they have to think where they are throwing them and this helps in their thoughts, moving and coordination of the body. The energy they use helps in letting go of any frustrations they have on the punching bag and they don’t have to worry about being hit back. One needs to yell and count the punches so as to strengthen their voices and they also stretch to counter muscle rigidity.

We look forward to seeing you in our class soon.

Getting started (orientation)

  • Contact the head trainer to schedule your orientation
  • Orientation includes the following:
    • Class overview
    • Intake paperwork
    • Fitness evaluation
    • Ordering required equipment
      • Boxing gloves and hand wraps

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Attendee Comments & Class Videos

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