Importance of Protein in Your Diet

“Healthy eating’s improve your health” is all you need to know for a healthy living. A diet full of essential nutrients, such as Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, and vitamins, contributes to the healthy growth of your mind and body. Proteins are a crucial element of a balanced diet. Proteins are made up of amino acids. Proteins are the building blocks of the bones, muscles, and cartilages, although proteins are the constituents of muscles, as they aid in contraction and relaxation of muscle-building lean mass.


Our body needs protein for proper growth & maintenance of tissues. The growth hormone secreted from the brain is also protein in nature, which acts on cellular level activating transcriptional factors that enhance cellular growth. Proteins regulate not only normal body growth but also aid in tissue repair after damage

Biochemical Functions:

Enzymes regulate all the biochemical reactions occurring in the body, and all enzymes are protein in nature. These proteins in nature enzymes maintain cellular integrity by regulating the important function of the bodily functions such as digestion of food, clotting of blood, Major biochemical reactions relating to the formation of glucose and insulin, and liver enzymes.

Muscle building

Proteins are an integral component of the muscles. Muscular contraction and relaxation is all due to the aid of proteins. Studies reveal that consumption of High protein diet helps you to build lean muscle mass, and speeds up the tissue repair after the damage. Studies reveal that athletes require high protein diet for their muscle growth, increasing metabolic rates, and speeding up the muscle recovery. (P. W. R. Lemon et al., 1984)

Protein-rich Foods

Protein is an important part of our body. Now the question arises, what exactly we need to eat to get the right amount of protein? Proteins can be obtained from a variety of sources, including meat, fish, egg, soy, eggs beans, and legumes.

Protein Supplementation

Supplementation is an excellent choice to increase your dietary requirement and ensure that the quality of protein is sufficient. My personal recommendation is Arbonne's plant-based pea protein powder. This complete protein has 20g of plant-based protein, essential amino acids, and more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Read more about this product here and order your protein shake mix here.


Studies reveal that proteins are the major contributors to total metabolic rates of the body during starvation. Proteins are degraded into simpler products knows as amino acids. These amino acids contribute to developing muscle mass during exercise (P. W. Lemon & Nagle, 1981).


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