Calcium Absorption

Coffee, tea, or milk? The numerous coffee concoctions available in various coffee shops will likely win more fans than milk and tea combined. Forget the fact that coffee makes you edgy. Or that it stains the teeth. Unfortunately, while a cup of coffee may perk up our day, it might not do as much good to our health.  Regardless of our particular health conditions, we all need our share of calcium. Regrettably, even if we hoard on calcium-rich foods, it doesn’t assure us that our bodies will be able to carry out the necessary calcium absorption. And to make matters worse, the majority of us do not even get to squeeze in enough calcium into our diets.

Another fact gathered about calcium absorption is that most humans only absorb around 30% of their calcium intake. This is a sad thing and an often misunderstood one. People feed themselves with all known calcium sources in the hope that their bodies adhere to the requirement.  This doesn’t mean that you can stop trying either. But dairies like milk and cheese may not be the only solution to your calcium problem. Science has found a way for people to meet their individual calcium needs through the use of calcium supplements. Aside from containing calcium, these also participate more in the calcium absorption by the body. It is safe then to conclude that calcium supplements are more efficiently absorbed by the body than the calcium that comes from the various dietary sources.

But be wary of some of the calcium supplements available in the market today. The fact that these can be acquired without a doctor’s prescription doesn’t necessarily mean all of these are safe. In fact, some of these contain lead that is harmful to one’s health. Furthermore, some calcium supplements are still going through chemical absorption issues. There are certain kinds that are not as easily absorbed by the body as the dietary sources are. Hence, if you want to get the best calcium absorption from the supplements, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor regarding which kind will work well for you.

Some things can help increase calcium absorption in the body. The fact is the body needs stomach acids for the break down of foods. That is why it is advisable to take in supplements when you’re almost done with a meal, not after it. Also, calcium absorption is not as effective if your body lacks its supply of Vitamin D.  Taking in supplements every single day won’t really make that much difference if you don’t get your daily dose of sunlight.












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