Participation Waiver

I do herby consent to engage in the EA FITNESS training program. Before I undergo these series of exercises and activities, I certify to EA FITNESS that I am in good health and have had a physical examination conducted by a licensed medical physician within the last year or have consulted with my personal doctor. Further, I hereby represent and inform EA FITNESS that I have completed the participation questionnaire and have provided accurate responses to the questions on the participation questionnaire to the best of my ability. It is my understanding that the responses to this questionnaire will be reviewed by EA FITNESS to determine if my participation in the training program is appropriate for me. I understand that it is important that I provide complete and accurate responses to the questions on the participation questionnaire and those asked of me by EA FITNESS. In addition my failure to do so could lead to unnecessary injury to myself during the workout sessions. Furthermore I will not hold EA FITNESS Liable for any adverse events.

In the event that you have any questions please contact EA FITNESS at (813) 321-8755. I have been given an opportunity to ask any and all question that I might have as to the procedures of these sessions and will initial following this sentence.

I acknowledge that I have read this document in its entirety or that it has been read to me if I have been unable to read and that I understand all of the provisions there of. I consent to the rendition of all of the services and procedures as explained to me by EA FITNESS.

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