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4 Key Health Benefits of Meditation For Seniors

Meditation is a great exercise for the mind, body, and soul that when seniors engage in, they can reap plenty of benefits. More and more doctors are accepting meditation to be an excellent tool for seniors’ mental, emotional and physical health. It has a wide array of health benefits from improved memory; to better stress management and other pressures that come with old age. Here are four key benefits seniors can get from meditation.

Increased Alertness

Meditation focuses and sharpens the mind through increased mental alertness and heightened physical motor response. The corresponding brain hemispheres, left and right, are a muscle; and the more they are stimulated, the more their functions are improved. Meditation stimulates the brain the same way a crossword puzzle does.

Improved Digestion

Deep breathing exercises vital to any meditation program improves blood circulation and oxygen supplementation. The body is then better equipped to maintain most other organ functions including the stomach. The extra oxygen boost multiplies the efficiency of the digestive systems. It doesn’t stop there as it also improves and multiplies the efficiency of their immune system. This helps them fight off opportunistic infections better. It also helps the lungs to heal thus aid in breathing.

Improved Memory

Loss of memory comes with age. It is a normal phase of life that when accepted becomes less of a burden for seniors. Still, more and more studies show that seniors who engage in meditation can recall better since meditation stimulates the brain. Seniors will find they are able to even retrieve long lost memories. They are also better able to store and retain new memories even as they advance in years.

Promotes "Feel Good" Sensations

Seniors (people of ALL ages really) suffering from depression either due to a disability, chronic illness, or the loss of a spouse among other factors can greatly benefit from meditation. Meditation activates the prefrontal cortex brain region – the “feel good” part of the brain hence releasing the feelings of happiness in the brain. This then renews their energy and zest for life!